I felt like a total imposter.

Can you relate? I had so many limiting beliefs about what I could and couldn't do. My brain played negative thoughts on a never-ending loop. Any success that I had was immediately discounted or didn't feel "real".

I'm a person who stutters, and it made me feel like I was unworthy of basically everything that I wanted. I had this constant feeling of being "found out", no matter what degree I had or what job I entered into.

Overcoming imposter syndrome and doing my own inner work is what changed everything.

I began to heal my own inner child, learned how to quiet my inner critic's voice and amplify my own, and worked through the fears & limitations that came up around my own experiences with imposter syndrome.

Because I did and continue to do the inner work, I began to take opportunities, go after what I desired, and felt worthy of it all. I've since scaled my business to $400,000 in sales, and left my full-time government job in May 2021.

How can I help you do the same?

  • I have a Bachelor of Arts & a Master of Arts in psychology & counselling practices, as well as interpersonal & intrapersonal conflict

  • I am a Business & Mindset Coach, with a multiple 6-figure coaching business
  • I'm a Master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Practitioner, a modality that learns how to understand and work with the subconscious mind.
  • I am a Breathwork Facilitator and a Reiki Master, so I can combine the brain & subconscious healing with somatic healing.

I went from feeling like an imposter to feeling empowered, and now so can you.

In 2018 when I started my business, I made $0 because of my imposter syndrome. I was finally able to silence my inner imposter after thinking for years that my neurodivergence and my stuttering disability meant I couldn't do what I was literally made to do.

Now, I hear everyday about how I've changed someone's life for the better, and how confident, reassured, and amazing they feel because of our time together.

This could be you, too.


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Places I've Been Seen...

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I was interviewed by Isabella Silveirio, CEO of a 7-figure empowerment company, on her podcast to over 70,000 listeners.

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