Stop Feeling like a Fraud so you can have Success in your Business

and feel worthy of having it, too.

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Hi, I'm Jillian Parekh!

But my friends and clients call me Jill.
I hold a BA and an MA in psychology practices & interpersonal & intrapersonal conflict.
I'm a Business & Mindset Coach, and I'm certified in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping), and T.I.M.E Techniques.
I'm also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Facilitator, and a Reiki Master.

I help coaches and service providers stop feeling like a fraud and double their clients with confidence.

  • release the shit that's holding you back
  • thrive in your business with the confidence & the knowing that you're going to be successful
  • heal your inner child, stop overthinking, and silence your inner critic

Jillian Parekh Coaching Inclusivity Statement

The goal of Jillian Parekh Coaching is to empower all people to live authentically, bravely, and shift the way they think about themselves in order to overcome challenges and achieve their most desired goals. Our company strives to acknowledge and validate the experiences of all individuals who hold intersecting identities. As I, Jill, am a woman who is a part of the neurodivergent community, and am aware of how this has added another layer to my experiences with imposter syndrome, it is important to me that this space is accessible, acknowledging, and supportive of all marginalized individuals. This is a safe space for you to feel whole, seen, and valued, and I’m so excited to be alongside you on this journey.

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Are you wondering, "What the sweet F is Imposter Syndrome?" Keep reading for diagnosis:

Imposter Syndrome is the #1 thief of your success.

  • You constantly compare your work to others
  • You struggle with perfectionism and all or nothing thinking
  • You have a lack of confidence in your abilities & your projects sometimes don't feel like they are worth doing
  • You feel small when you talk about what you do, because you don't feel worthy of the position or you don't believe what you're doing is "important" enough
  • Your fear of being "found out" keeps you in a perpetual state of emotional & mental burnout
  • You undermine your achievements, despite having many
  • You never feel good enough and don’t feel like you’ve made it, even though you know your ideas have worked in the past
  • You're afraid of criticism/rejection so you have difficulty taking risks or putting yourself out there

This is Imposter Syndrome.

It can present in so many more ways than this, but don't worry...


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