for coaches to STOP feeling like a fraud and double their confidence, so they can double their clients.


for coaches to stop feeling like a fraud when they show up online, sell their services confidently, and create a 6-figure business with a 6-figure identity


for coaches to stop feeling like a fraud when they show up online, sell their services confidently, and create a 6-figure business with a 6-figure identity.


a 6-figure coach identity & a 6-figure coaching business are created by being in your power - but imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and fear stop your ability to do that.


In order to be a successful and confident coach, you need to have belief in yourself, belief that you can transform someone's life, and belief that what you're doing as a coach matters.

Then you'll start to really feel worthy of being a coach who is paid well.

And when you feel worthy of being paid well, you market your services with the kind of confidence that attracts soulmate clients because you're not focused on your feelings of not being enough, your self-doubt, or your feelings of being a fraud.

1:1 Mentorship will clean up your self-doubt, your imposter syndrome, and ALL your fear of uncertainty and scarcity, so you can sell your offers confidently knowing that they are in demand, and so you can create a 6-figure business with a 6-figure identity.

Chelsea - Sabotage Coach

"I went from 0 clients to 11 clients. I was finally able to regulate myself & show up consistently. I'm making more money than I ever have. Jill is one of the best investments you can make in your business."

"I came to Jill when I was in a black hole. Ghosted my Instagram, my launches made me feel not good enough."


Chelsea went from ghosting her Instagram to showing up consistently, and went from 0 clients to a booked out client roster. She started launching consistently, and hasn't ghosted her platform since. 


Ori - Self-Love & Relationship Coach

"I'm in love with my business and with my clients. I made my biggest month ever [$15K] while working with Jill."

"Before working with Jill, I felt unworthy, I didn't have a strategy, and I felt really unclear."


Ori was feeling out of love with her business, all of her clients were ending, and she felt closed off from her emotions. After only a couple of weeks, she had a full roster of clients again and fell back in love with her business. She had her biggest month while working together.

Before they worked with me, this is what my clients struggled with πŸŒ΅

βœ” They knew deep down they were smart & capable, but felt awkward, sales-y, and like a fraud when they sold.

βœ” They didn't feel good enough to get their clients results.

βœ” Struggled with accepting themselves because of ADHD, anxiety, or other things that led them to feel inadequate.

βœ” They wanted to learn how to function as a successful business owner despite having ADHD and/or anxiety.

βœ” They compared themselves constantly.

βœ” They discounted their success and their wins.

βœ” They were scared to be truly seen by others, and really worried about what people thought of them.

βœ” They thought they were doing it "wrong" when they sold.

βœ” They were afraid to be called out or told that something is wrong/incorrect in your content.

βœ” They felt behind in their business and overwhelmed with what to do next.

βœ” They thought their messaging wasn't clear or converting.

βœ” They wanted to feel confident in themselves & worthy of creating a 6-figure business.

βœ” They wanted to stop feeling like a fraud when they show up & sell their services

βœ” They wanted to feel like & show up like a 6-figure coach



Katelyn - Mindset & Business Coach

"My entire life changed. Not only do I feel SO confident as a coach, but I also released SO much suppressed shame that I didn't even realize I had been carrying."

"Before our time together, I was overwhelmed with self doubt, questioning every move and decision that I made in business."


Katelyn had so many thoughts about the coaching industry and business coaching. She cleared all of that up, feels so confident in what she does, released shame and religious trauma, and found her specialty, with people reaching out to her and saying they think she's the coach for them just from her content. 

You're meant to be a successful coach.

If things aren't going the way you want and you feel like a fraud, it does NOT mean that a successful coaching business isn't meant for you.

Maybe you've been trying for a while and feel like you're not growing how you should. Maybe you're seeing success, but you still have so much anxiety about being revealed as a fraud, or that it will all come crashing down one day.

You want clarity, confidence, and to love working in your business...but you don't want to waste anymore time. You want to see the results you crave, now.

I help my clients get clear on what exactly they want out of their business & their lives, step into the most confident version of themselves, love working & creating for their business, and create more clients & more income than ever.

Bailey - Design & Sanctuary Stylist

"I raised my prices, finally launched my first course, and showed up so confidently and powerfully for my audience."

"She helped me work through countless limiting beliefs and lovingly called me out on my bullshit. It's been invaluable to the growth of my business and my growth as an entrepreneur."


Bailey had money mindset issues and fears around judgment and launching. She was able to launch her first course successfully, booked her biggest styling gig while working together, and freed herself from the fear of judgment so she could post freely.


Worthy & Wealthy will help you...

βœ” Feel capable and like the go-to coach in your niche.

βœ” Overcome imposter syndrome & stop feeling like a fraud.

βœ” Release past experiences that make you feel not good enough.

βœ” Trust yourself and make better & faster decisions.

βœ” Feel & process your emotions in a healthy & productive way that won't get in the way of growing your business.

βœ” Reduce everyday anxiety, stress, fear, & self-doubt.

βœ” Feel safe, secure, and grounded in your body.

 βœ” Take credit for your success & wins, and confidently share them with others.

βœ” Show up on social media consistently without overwhelm.

βœ” Sell confidently online.

βœ” Manage your money like a worthy & wealthy CEO.

βœ” Step into your 6-figure coach identity.

βœ” Create / build on a 6-figure coaching business.


Courtney - Spiritual Mindset & Biz Coach

"Jill empowered me to stop seeking validation outside of myself & trust my intuition more - and this helped me grow, rapidly."

"I wanted to break through limiting beliefs, gain more confidence, and step into the woman that I knew I could become."


Courtney was overwhelmed with her business, resistant to business strategies, and had so many limiting beliefs about herself. She released beliefs that were holding her back, hit her first 5-figure launch while working together, and fell back in love with her business again.

Your Coach, Jill

@yourcoachjill on Instagram

I've always felt special. But not in a good way.

I've always felt like I didn't have what it took to be actually successful as an online coach. I was afraid of being found out, I didn't want to be seen in my power, and for the first two years of my business, I felt not good enough - and my sales reflected that.

When I stopped feeling like such a fraud and implemented Worthy Marketing, I scaled my online coaching business to multiple 6-figures while working full-time at my government job, and then took my business full-time in May 2021. 

I now have a full client roster, a bestselling self-help book, a $400K+ coaching business, time freedom, and financial freedom. 

I was able to sell my services with confidence and create a 6-figure business when I started doing the work we do in 1:1 mentorship.

Now, it's time for you to stop feeling like a fraud, step into your power, sell from a place of real belief & confidence in yourself, and create a 6-figure business of your own.


Sequoia - Website Design & SEO Expert

"I'm allowing things to flow effortlessly, and calling in what I want."

"I was super stressed out, constantly living in scarcity and like what I was doing for my business wasn't enough."


Sequoia was constantly stressed about the highs & lows of business, had money mindset issues, and never pitched her services on sales calls. She started having consistent months between $4K & $7K when working together, booked her biggest contracts ever, felt confident on sales calls and while selling, and learned how to let abundance flow into her life and stay there.


Ariel - Personal Stylist & Confidence Coach

"I released so many limiting beliefs, transformed my mindset, and have had so much growth in my business thanks to Jill."

"Before I worked with Jill, I was overwhelmed, anxious, and pretty distraught with imposter syndrome. I really wanted to uplevel my business."


Ariel wanted to fulfill her dream of being a personal stylist but felt inexperienced and not good enough. She released beliefs from childhood that were holding her back and she started building her audience and getting clear on how she could help people.

☁️ We start with a 2-hour deep dive for me to understand where you're currently at, and I get a clear picture of your business, your income, your goals, and how you want to create / build on your 6-figure business & your 6-figure identity.

☁️ We then meet for three (3) 1:1 calls/month to put plans into action and make the magic happen. In these sessions, I use a variety of tools like my direct coaching style, subconscious mind tools, somatic healing modalities, and aligned business strategy.

☁️ You'll get exclusive access to a complete curriculum ready to help you clarify your messaging, market effectively, and confidently sign clients.

☁️ You will receive 1:1 access to me via Voxer for support between our calls.

☁️ You will get access to monthly workshops and group calls with my other private clients.

You will stop feeling like a fraud, release what's holding you back so you can sell your services with confidence, and sign 4-figure clients on repeat.

Kelsey - Naturopathic Doctor & Fertility Specialist

"Looking back from where I am now, I wouldn't have survived in my business without Jill. I moved through so much, and raised my prices."

"When I reached out to Jill, I felt confused in my business, I was struggling and floundering. She kept my head above water."


Kelsey was a burnt out & overwhelmed mom, wanting to keep her business afloat during a difficult mental health time. She raised her prices, hit $20K months, and reduced so much of her anxiety while working together.

3 Month Contract


payment plan & extended payment plan available


6 Month Contract


payment plan & extended payment plan available



All prices are in USD πŸ’Έ

If you pay in full, you get an extra month of coaching & Voxer πŸ’£

If you choose an extended payment plan, you are required to make two payments before we begin our coaching calls 🫢🏼

Jessica - Psychic Medium & Tarot Reader

"I'm in a totally different place now. I'm a totally different person."

"I would have never gotten here if I didn't do this work with Jill. We uncovered so many beliefs that I didn't realize were affecting me and my business."


Jess didn't have any consistency in her business and felt directionless when it came to what she wanted to do. We worked through countless limiting beliefs and increased her confidence, and she started getting consistent tarot and psychic readings, started a podcast, and grew her audience.

It's time to create your 6-figure business & your 6-figure identity to match.