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Today I wanted to talk to you about launching cause launching can be super fun. I see so many people talking about launching and all the things you have to do: funnels and the strategy and the showing up on Instagram stories and all the technical logical things. You have probably done a launch and realized how exhausting they are. Not just physically, but they are mentally exhausting. And I think that your mindset is the most important thing to stay on top of when it comes to your launch. And that is because if you are not able to stay positive, to stay in the right mindset, you will actually self sabotage your launch. 


I have talked to literally every single one of my clients and they have said that they have sabotaged a launch before. It happens to the best of us. I have launched so many things, but they've never come to fruition because I gave up on myself. And that is because I did not keep myself in check. And it's not just about the strategy. When it comes to your launch, it comes down to how you are nurturing your mindset. I'm going to give you three ways in which you can stay on top of your mindset during launch.


1.) The first tip is going to be as simple as pie, and you're going to be like, no fucking duh Jill, but it's important.  It is staying consistent - staying consistent can be really hard when you are letting your inner imposter rule what you do. 


And this means staying consistent, even when nobody buys. This means showing up consistently on a daily basis. When I'm heavy into launch, I talk about it all the time. I talk about my services at least once a day. Stay consistent, stay visible. Being visible online during your launch and making sure you are talking about your offer every single day will ensure your are staying consistent with the flow of your launch. The reason why I say this is because people usually drop off at a certain time. They'll talk about their offer for two days and nobody will buy it and they'll think, wow, "I'm a failure. I'm not supposed to be doing this program." And then they'll stop talking about it. If you say you're going to launch for a certain period of time launch for that certain period of time. This means going about your launch plan and not letting yourself get discouraged if nobody bites or if nobody buys. If you need to have a daily ritual to keep you on track, implement that. So when you start having those thoughts of, wow, nobody responded to my poll yesterday, nobody wants this; that might actually sabotage you from showing up today.


You may think, "so why would I bother today?" Or you may be thinking "I'm getting annoying. People don't want to be seeing that I'm launching". Listen, if people are going to swipe away, they're going to swipe away. If people are gonna unfollow you, they're not your ideal client. People know that you are a business and that you are in the business of making money and how you're going to make money is to promote your services. If anybody has an issue with that, they're not your ideal client, and they're not going to buy from you anyways.  


2.) Your next one is backend work. By the backend stuff, I mean, doing contracts, getting your content ready, doing all the things that you need to do to set yourself up for success.


Sometimes if we don't truly believe or don't truly want something to work out, we won't do anything that requires for it to happen, unless we know that it will work out. So it's almost like you're like preparing for the worst case scenario in this instance, because you're thinking, "well, if nobody buys, why would I put together a contract?" You could be thinking this subconsciously and therefore sabotaging your results. Doing the backend stuff will keep you busy and it will also instill that belief in yourself that this is going to happen. This is a real thing.


We want you to believe that you will be successful in this launch, whatever the universe decides to put into your lap. It will. And if that's 10 clients, if that's three clients, if that's one client, however you want the outcome to fall. But I'm really focusing on all the things that surround this program or this service and how you can further instill that belief in yourself and that's doing the backend stuff.


3.) And then lastly, it's going to be detaching from the outcome. You can ask yourself, it would be amazing if... and I want you to journal out everything that would be amazing about this launch. It would be amazing if I signed eight people, it would be amazing if I made $30,000 in this launch. It would be amazing if I made $1,500 during this launch. It would be amazing if somebody said, wow, I love that training. Write down all the things that would be absolutely amazing. And then let that shit go.


You need to detach from the outcome because it doesn't mean anything about your worth. There could be so many different reasons why somebody may not buy from you, but we need to detach from the outcome because it doesn't mean anything about your worth. Detaching from the outcome allows your dreams to manifest into what they should be. Because if you're holding on to an ideal client count, if you're holding on too much to an income goal, if you are holding on and have that desperate energy, people are going to be able to sense that, and they're not going to be attracted to your offers. 


I am a huge believer in the law of attraction. And when you have that desperate, negative energy about you, you really take yourself out of that confident and abundant mindset. When you're journalling, you're talking about all the possibilities... instead of saying "I need to sign eight clients." try saying "It would be amazing if I signed a client". This sounds so much more empowering and lets the universe that you're grateful for what it has to offer you. An example would be from my mini mindset mastermind launch, instead of saying "I want to get eight people", I would say, "it would be amazing if I had eight people, but now that I'm doing it and I got three, thank fucking God." I only have three people because our calls are an hour and a half. 


And it's because I really wanted to give personal attention to each of my clients. And it would have been so hard to do that within a timeframe each week, if I had eight people. The universe will not put into your lap, anything that you cannot handle. I showed up consistently throughout my launch, I talked to people, I pitched in DMS. I did everything right. And these three people are amazing in my program and they are getting such huge results. And it's only the third week as I'm recording this and they have already gotten so many amazing results and they are just such amazing women. I am so lucky that I have these people in my group.


I take that as a very successful launch. And I am so grateful that I only have three people, not only, but I'm so grateful that I have three people instead of eight, because this is so much more manageable for my life right now. And that is what detaching from the outcome means. It doesn't mean that you're not working towards your goal. It just means that you're going to be okay if that goal isn't reached. I believe that I'm worthy because I am. I know how talented I am. I know that I am capable of so many different things. And I know that these people are going to get amazing shifts and who cares if it's three, instead of eight, I know that I'm going to impact their lives. 


That is going to have a huge ripple effect. And for me, that is, um, the goal. It's not to make a certain amount of money. I mean, it's always nice, but me detaching from this outcome meant that I was going to be happy and I was going to serve these people no matter what. At the end of the day, if I try to attach myself to a number, it would never feel good enough. I need to get into the feelings of "I'm so grateful that somebody has trusted me with their mindset and their life and their business". 


And I know that that will have a great impact on my income. So those are your three little mindset tips and tricks. I have a more in depth conversation when it comes to my clients and helping them launch, but I wanted to share these three small little tidbits with you in hopes that it helps you with your next launch.


All my clients have gotten amazing results. And I know that you can too, so you can go to the link on my show notes, 90 minute and NLP breakthrough session. Or you can go to the link in my bio on Instagram, @yourcoachjill, and sign up and book your session.


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