How to Overcome Your Inner Imposter During a Launch | Imposter Syndrome

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Today I wanted to talk to you about launching cause launching can be super fun. I see so many people talking about launching and all the things you have to do: funnels and the strategy and the showing up on Instagram stories and all the technical logical things. You have probably done a launch and realized how exhausting they are. Not just physically, but they are mentally exhausting. And I think that your mindset is the most important thing to stay on top of when it comes to your launch. And that is because if you are not able to stay positive, to stay in the right mindset, you will actually self sabotage your launch. 


I have talked to literally every single one of my clients and they have said that they have sabotaged a launch before. It happens to the best of us. I have launched so many things, but they've never come to fruition because I gave up on...

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