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Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how not strategy got my business to 17-20K months, but how mindset got me to 17-20K months. I know that a lot of people who are very strategy oriented, it's so funny, because you see online, there's patterns of the way that people will do content and something that has come out within the last year, I want to say, is call out culture or polarizing opinions, which are amazing. I think that we all have our opinions. We all have things that we believe that other people may not, and that's what really attracts our people.


But something that I see with business coaches is that you can't just be open to receiving and make this amount of money or whatever, you need to have the strategy and the structure behind it. I absolutely agree. The reason why my business has gotten to where it has is because I've hired coaches. I've implemented strategy. I've stayed consistent. I have built my business from making 12 grand last year to being on track to hit well over six figures this year.


That is still so mind blowing to me. The other day, Dustin and I were in my office and I was like, "Dude, I just hit 80K. I've made 80K and it's the beginning of August. I make $65,000 in my full time job. Gross. That's not even what I take home." And we were just like, "Holy fuck, this is crazy."


Because it is crazy. It's really weird talking about it, because I really don't even know how it fucking happened. It just happened so fast. But I truly believe that it is a lot of the strategy behind having a coach and the things that she's helped me implement and going from one to one clients to doing passive courses and doing all the things that you need to do and staying consistent throughout it all. Even when nobody was listening to this podcast, even when I was putting myself on stories every single fucking day, including the weekends, and busting my ass and nobody was watching or nobody gave a shit and I couldn't get clients to save my life, I just stayed consistent and stayed the course.


But what actually got me, myself, my brain, to making this amount of money was my mindset work. That was the work behind removing the subconscious blocks, those subconscious beliefs that kept coming up every time I hit a new level. They are going to come up no matter what, because we are habitual, ritualistic, human beings. We thrive in routine and structure. And when things start to feel different, you start to panic and think, oh my God, something's happening. This isn't the way that it's supposed to be.


Especially when it comes to belonging, we have this very innate need to belong. We want to feel like we belong to the pack. That we're supported and that we're loved. The majority of people, honestly, probably make between 1-3K a month, which is normal for people who are in steady jobs, nine to five, stuff like that. That's very normal, especially for kids. Kids. I still consider myself a kid, because I feel like one. But anyways, especially young adults who are around their low, to mid, to late twenties in terms of getting their full time job and settling down and all that jazz.


It is very abnormal to make fucking 20K a month. We in the online space, we're used to that because that's what we're seeing. That's what comes into your awareness. But if you are new to it, you feel like, oh my God, this is really out of the norm, this is abnormal. You want to retreat back to safety. Your brain is going to do that at each time that you uplevel. Each time you make a certain amount of money, or book a bunch of clients, or start to get an influx of interest in the stuff that you're doing, your brain is going to try to bring you back down. It's going to be like, whoa, we've never done this before. This is scary. You do not have a predictable outcome for how this is going to go. Let's just pull you back into a safe place.


I was thinking about how a year ago now because it's halfway through August right now as I'm recording this and this time last year I went to my first Toastmasters meeting. I've only gone to a couple since then. I went for maybe a couple of weeks after that, but it was just super old people and rigid. I didn't really like it.


That was literally one of the most terrifying moments of my life. Walking into that Toastmasters meeting I was literally shitting my pants, even though I didn't know anybody. It was just the fear because, as everybody knows hopefully at this point, I have a speech impediment. I am a person who stutters and going into new situations and having to introduce myself or talk to people can be really difficult because if I'm feeling anxious, my stutter is so bad. Or if I have a lot of coffee, or if I do this, or if I do that, if I don't get enough sleep, then it becomes worse.


Going to Toastmasters was literally the most terrifying fucking moment of my life. Even though it actually, in hindsight, wasn't that scary. But the reason why we push ourselves out of this comfort zone is to get the exposure. When you expose yourself, you realize that 99.9% of the time, the worst case scenario or the thing you're imagining is going to happen, doesn't happen, and then you're good. After that, you're Gucci.


I went to two networking events after that and fucking killed it. The first one I was really nervous about, but that's why I went to the Toastmasters meeting in August, because I was like, shit, I'm going to an event where I'm going to have to introduce myself and talk about the fact that I'm a coach. I was having all these imposter feelings about being a coach because I wasn't making any money. Oh my God, it was a whole thing.


But I went to that event, I got a client out of that event, and then I went to another event later that month and I met some other people. I networked. I physically was able to meet Reese from YesSupply, because I had already purchased the certification in June of that year. She was speaking at that event and I got to hug her and meet her and say hi. That was really exciting. Now I'm in her mastermind. It's fucking amazing.


That exposure led me to continue to do things and made things feel normal. Because that's what your brain wants. Your brain wants that normalcy. It wants the routine. If you continue to do things, even if they scare you, it's going to become more normal to your brain and less scary and less out of your comfort zone. You know what I mean? When it comes to business and when it comes to scaling your business, you are continuously doing things that are going to feel scary.


My uplevel for my business looked like hiring a team. It looked like spending more money than I was making because I realized I am not going to be able to scale if I don't hire this team right now because I'm going to be so fucking exhausted. So keep in mind, I still work full time, so I had to also be cognizant of how I was spending my time and I could not be doing all the things that I wanted to do.


I outsourced my podcast. I outsourced graphics and other things for my Instagram. I've always had a social media manager. I've just had that since I even wasn't making any money at all, because I was just like, I hate doing it. I hired an OBM and she got all my systems and stuff set up. I was preparing myself for the uplevel. 

In April I made 8K, May 10K, and it just kept going up from there. That happened really fast because in April I made 8K and in March, I made 1k.


It was a very big change. It felt like such a long time between hiring my team and the outcome that I'm at now. But it actually was a short turnaround time. My brain wouldn't have been able to keep up with it if I didn't do my routines if I didn't do my EFT tapping, and my mindset work, and releasing and uncovering these subconscious beliefs that kept coming up at every level.


This had a lot to do with worthiness and money, especially, because I did not feel worthy to make this amount of money. I kept thinking to myself, but what happens if it all comes crashing down? That can lead to self-sabotaging behaviour, like hoarding your money and not hiring a team, or spending too much money.


I used to have this habit of, I would not be able to hold onto money. Even if I got a lot of it, I would either spend it or put it into separate accounts. My checking account was always empty. It was always in an overdraft because I didn't feel worthy enough to hold onto money and to feel good about it because it didn't feel safe. That comes from a deep-rooted subconscious belief that I needed to discover, undo, and release. If I didn't do that, it wouldn't allow me to clear that negative energy and allow me to step more into my power.


Because when you do that, you become more confident, you become more certain and rooted in your own worthiness and in your own power. It allows you to make more empowering decisions around yourself and your business.


I talked a little bit about in my last podcast episode about positive expectancy. I talk about how I expect my business to be doing amazing things. I expect my business to work out. I expect to be fucking wildly successful. Because I do, no decision that I make is the wrong decision. I am really rooted in the fact that every decision I make, I'm making from an empowered place and I'm doing because I know that I'm going to be successful.


That also looks like setting good boundaries around your clients and your own time as well. I rested way more than I have in the past couple of years with my business. I also had to get over that feeling of, I should be doing something. Sometimes if we have trauma that's in the body, we feel uncomfortable or uneasy with sitting still or not doing anything or not planning.


Something I saw on TikTok really resonated. It was saying how a symptom of anxiety could be prioritizing the future instead of focusing on the present moment. That is something that I used to do all the time. I used to think if I just hustle my fucking ass off today, I'm going to be able to relax tomorrow. But I never did relax tomorrow. I never allowed myself to take the time to sit with my own thoughts and think, you're okay. You're okay if you're not doing. You need to be.


That's how you move into that next level self, is to be the person that that next level self is, right now. It's not preparing yourself for being that next level. It's literally being it right now. Next level, Jill takes time to rest. Next level, Jill read books for fun and for pleasure. She sits in her meditation and takes time for herself.


When I actually started implementing really good routines for myself, like having a really solid morning routine, meditating, EFT, doing all the things that I recommend you to do, journaling out how I'm feeling, using actual affirmations around my office, doing a vision board, doing all these things that were fun and allowed me to, again, raise my vibration and feel really good about the goals that I was going to achieve. It allowed me to live in that moment and allowed me to be that person who I really want to be, that person who is making 20K months. What is that person doing? What are they prioritizing? Would they have a team at this point? Yes. Fucking start putting the wheels in motion. Even if you're making $0 right now, you have to have that positive positivity.


Think, I would hire a team at 10K and I would be doing this and this and this, and get excited about the fact that your success is inevitable. Whenever someone's like, "Oh my God, how did you do it?" Because a lot of people have this block that when it comes to mindset coaches or confidence coaches, or whatever, it's hard to scale just because the outcome is intangible, which I think is bullshit because there is a tangible outcome.


I've made a lot of money from being confident in myself, from having that belief in myself, because it allowed me to see the good opportunities that are available for me. Allowed me to go for those opportunities and therefore take action towards the stuff that I wanted to achieve and achieve it.


I really believe in the mindset work behind everything I'm doing, it wasn't the reason why my business is successful. It is because my business is me, but my business was successful because I have learned the strategies and the ways to scale it in the way that feels good to me and authentic to me and something that I really want to stay in integrity with when it comes to growing and scaling my business.


But my mindset work has helped me get to these 20K months. It's helped me scale and grow my business to the point where I feel really good about it and I'm not fucking panicking whenever I have 10 minutes to myself. It allows me to realize that I can really do this. I'm good with money. I'm good at organizing my business. I can lead a team. I can do all these things. It's allowed me to stay motivated and stay the course even when things feel hard. It's allowed me to do the damn thing instead of retreating back into that old programming. Instead of regressing into that old way of being that has kept me small. If I would have just focused on the strategy and just focused on all the little tasks I need to do, instead of really embodying that next level self, I wouldn't be able to get there in my head. I would be a mess emotionally and mentally because I was too focused on the strategy instead of worrying about myself.


Because you take you wherever you go. Everywhere you will go in life, you will be there. Your brain will be there. Your thoughts will be there. It needs to match up. Because if it doesn't, you could end up making decisions that aren't in your best interest. You could end up self-sabotaging. You could end up playing small when you actually need to play big. That is just what I feel like I really had to say today. I just came up with this idea in bed. I just, all of a sudden was like, damn. Because of course, I get my most inspired ideas through showering or walking, or while I'm in bed trying to fucking sleep.


I came across this quote from Winston Churchill, and that is "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." You are not going to be able to maintain that enthusiasm, that excitement, that motivation for your business if you do not take care of your mindset and take care of yourself and meet yourself at the level that your strategy is at.


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