Attracting Clients through Showing Up & Self-Belief

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Attracting clients through showing up is what happens when you have potent levels of self-belief. Because when you love yourself, when you’re confident in yourself and what you have to offer, it is easy to show up and share your work with the world. To put it very simply, that is what creates consistency without effort.


My clients ask me all the time, Jill where the f*ck do you get the energy to show up all the time? And the truth is, I am a very low energy person. Social media makes me tired - BUT, my business energizes me. It excites me to think about signing clients, making money, doing my sacred work. Truly, it does! And I choose to market my services via social media, and therefore, I decide that the energy it takes to do that - is worth it.


So, how do you consistently show up for your audience from a place of self-belief?


I want you to first understand that if this feels like effort right now, if it’s taking up massive amounts of brainpower - that is normal. You’re not doing anything wrong. In Neuro Linguistic Programming, we actually learn about the four stages of learning and habit formation:


  1. Unconscious Incompetence - where you’re not aware of what you need to be doing (and therefore you don’t do it) - I was like this too when I first started and didn’t know that I should add a call to action to my posts. So I never directed people to the link in my bio or to message me, simply because I didn’t know. 
  2. Conscious Incompetence - where you become aware of what you’re doing wrong; like when you start writing copy to sell, and it feels like you’re not doing it right because people aren’t buying.
  3. Conscious Competence - it takes considerable effort, because you have to think about it as you do it; like showing up and recording instagram stories.
  4. Unconscious Competence - where it takes less mental effort and becomes more like second nature.


So right now, you might just be in conscious competence - where you know what to do, how to do it, and it is just taking a considerable amount of effort for you to do it, and therefore zapping your energy and making you think it shouldn’t be that way. But what if you’re doing everything right? What if nothing is wrong at all, and you’re just making your way through the inevitable stages of learning?


Because showing up and sharing yourself and your gifts is ultimately a habit that you’re forming. It is now habitual for me to show up and share my services. And again, this is a choice because it’s how I choose to market my services. That brings me to another thing - what are your beliefs about how much time it takes? Some of my clients say it takes them so long to show up and share their shit, but it’s because they’re doom-scrolling, or comparing themselves, or thinking way too hard about what they’re gonna post. Truly, it only takes an hour or two TOPS out of my day to do all the things I do on social media - post on stories, post on my feed, etc. But if you aren’t managing your time, you may be telling yourself it takes sooo much time - when really, it’s how you’re using that time. 


I also think that your limiting beliefs or fears about being seen in your power are directly correlated to how often you show up. So many people have the fear of being seen tucked deep in their subconscious mind.


Ok guys, can I be honest with you?! I literally saw a TikTok where a woman said that gaining weight in your belly can be related to having a social media presence and your body keeping you safe by putting weight on you because of your fear of being seen!! So who knows how much truth there is to that, but honestly, being seen can be so scary for people, and it makes sense - we’re putting ourselves out there, our work out there, and especially if you’re neurodivergent, the risk of rejection or failure is REAL.


So what’s your relationship to being seen in your power? When you think about being seen by others, does it make you clam up and afraid of being called out? Honestly, standing in your power and getting over that fear is one of the biggest beliefs we tackle in my 1:1 coaching - it’s required to do this to become booked out, sought out, and to feel worthy of good things and having all the success you crave. Your beliefs are running the show, and if you don’t think you’re worthy of having good things or of being seen, you won’t have the success you want. So if you want to be booked out, sought out, and feel worthy of it all - apply to my 1:1 coaching my love! And really, these limiting beliefs are so common, and will truly affect how you show up.


Another reason why you may not be showing up in your power, is the sneaky belief that what you’re doing isn’t important or necessary. Especially with the state of the world, right? But your work as a coach, as a service provider - can you get behind helping one person at a time?

Can you get your belief behind helping others, bit by bit? Adding to their mental and emotional wellness?


Do you believe that one little thing can create a domino effect in their lives? Your brain may black or white you here, in terms of “your work is either life-changing and earth shattering or it’s not worth it at all”, and I just want you to notice where that comes up for you. Instead, how can you believe that your work helps just one person?


How can you see its ripple effect in your client’s life?

How can you just solve one problem for them?


You’re not Mother Theresa here, okay? You’re a coach, a service provider, and you’re here to provide a service - and you get to decide that your work is worthy.


Newsflash - when you believe you’re worthy, it doesn’t matter what you do, your work will feel worthy to you, too. You are raising the consciousness of our planet, my love!!!! Act like it, why don’t ya!


Lastly, a very tangible or strategic thing here is you may just not know “what to say”. Something I always do with my clients, no matter what level they’re at, is get so specific on who they’re talking to, what result they help them achieve, and we create content pillars from there and then do Google Docs or Notes with ideas that they can always pull from. Honestly, with my generator self that needs to be inspired to create, and my ADHD that forgets everything if I don’t write it down right away. I need these things when I show up, so no shame or shade whatsoever. But allow yourself to be prepared, so you don’t make it mean that you don’t know what to say and that means that you’re actually not a good coach or a good whatever. 


So I basically just gave you reasons why you’re not showing up to attract clients, so let’s spin it on its head and recap in a way that will get you feeling good about showing up:


*Firstly, recognize that you’re probably in the conscious incompetence or conscious competence stage of learning, where it’s taking considerable time and effort to show up, and that you’re strengthening a muscle and forming a habit.


*Give yourself grace. Assess your beliefs around being seen in your power and how that makes you feel to be seen and your beliefs around being successful. Believe that your work is necessary and important to the person you are speaking to, and allow yourself to be prepared and inspired.

*And keep f*cking going, my love! That is what creates self-belief - your mindset work and the aligned action you’re taking.

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