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For today's episode, we have an empowering sleep hypnosis. So I just want to remind everybody if you are operating any heavy machinery, if you are looking after any small children, if you are doing anything of the store that requires you to be awake, please do not listen to this until you are able to lie down, relax, and go to sleep.

Because a lot of people doze off during this hypnosis because it's a sleep hypnosis. So I wanted to include this empowering sleep hypnosis. I've included a morning meditation in the podcast before, and I thought that this would be a really cool pairing because when we have limiting beliefs, we are consciously thinking them. So to change them consciously is very difficult because we've spent years and years and years thinking these same negative thoughts about ourselves. And when that happens, we are creating neural pathways in our mind. And Hebb's Law states that nerve cells that fire together wire together. So the more often you are thinking these thoughts, the more often you are wiring them into your brain, but what happens when we want to do some personal development and we want to work on ourselves? Well, that's why we have the amazing work of neuro linguistic programming, which is learning the language of the subconscious mind because the subconscious mind again is responsible for all of your actions, thoughts, and behaviors.

It's, it's the thing that actually pushes your conscious actions and your conscious thoughts. So we need to change those beliefs on a subconscious level and a really easy way to do this. One of the many ways to do this is listening to subliminal affirmations or subliminal music that have affirmations built into them, or speaking directly to the subconscious via hypnosis. And this is just allowing you to get into a relaxed state and open your subconscious mind. And when you're asleep, that is something that really, really happens. Your subconscious just opens up and is available and receptive to anything that you tell it. And that's why it's really cool to have things like hypnosis' and affirmations and subliminal beats. If you actually go onto YouTube and you type in abundance, subliminal beats, you'll find like a lot of really cool tracks on there. You just have to be careful because it's YouTube. So anybody can upload a video with affirmations underneath. Um, but essentially they're all pretty good and really, um, ethical, I guess you could say. So again, please do not be doing anything. When you're listening to this, it is an empowering sleep hypnosis. So you'll probably doze off within the first couple of minutes and I hope you enjoy


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