If Your Content Feels Unoriginal

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Imposter Syndrome can creep up in what seems like a million different ways, you can really feel like you’re on the struggle bus because there are so many ways it can show up in your life.

One of the ways it’s come through for me in the past was when I was trying to work on content. Content being the topics I’d want to talk about, the posts I’d want to make for social media, podcasts, etc. I would always think that the content I was putting out into the world was unoriginal, and that someone else had said all this before. It would go hand in hand with the fear that someone would call me out on a topic I spoke about because it wasn’t 100% my own. It made me fearful that my community would reject me.

It made me hold back some ideas that I had about a concept I would come across. I would see how it would apply to me but then I would never go through...

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