Your Coaching Package is Too Fluffy

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I’m just going to serve you the tea today because I’m here to tell you that your coaching package is too goddamn FLUFFY.

So WHAT do I mean by this?

I bet that you’re a coach who’s having no success at selling your offer. Your first mistake is that you have too many offers on the go.  What I mean by this is when you’re first starting out or when you’re trying to really sell somebody, it’s so important to keep it SIMPLE. 

Simplicity is something that people buy into. They want to buy because the offer is clear and simple, and the results are tangible. 

I know what you’re thinking… I’m a life coach, I’m a mindset coach, I’m a confidence coach. I don’t have tangible results. Oh, you ABSOLUTELY do. When people feel better, they are their best selves, they show up differently and they take action differently, which produces results. So don’t you dare come at me with those excuses! 

When it comes to having offers that are too fluffy, it means that you’re probably devaluing your most important asset when it comes to your coaching - Y O U! You do this by creating your services with unnecessary fluff. This usually comes from the feeling of “I’m not good enough”. That feeling makes you think that you have to add a bunch of shit into your packages. 

You’re so busy selling the fact that your clients get weekly calls, 24/7 messaging, access, homework, surprises, guest speakers, goodie bags, and puppies. Ok, actually, sign me up right now if you include PUPPIES with your program! In all seriousness though, why do you feel you need to add $10,000 worth of value for you to be worth the $500 you’re actually charging.


I see this mistake often, and I 100% used to do this as well. You’re not alone! Adding all these features and feeling like a broken record talking about your program freebies constantly. When you’re trying to pitch a package and it would include things such as getting 12 weekly modules, homework exercises, journal prompts and they’re going to get complete access to you even when you’re on the shitter. 

It’s R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.

All of these “freebies” that are trying to be crammed into a very cheap coaching package makes you think it makes you look more worthy. The problem with this is that you’re coming from an area of lack, because you’re devaluing the fact that you yourself are the center of this coaching package. Your client is going to be the most important part of it of course. When you’re selling a program, you’re selling yourself, and you’re selling the transformation that you believe you can give to clients. 

A big issue is that a lot of coaches don’t feel like they’re qualified. They let imposter syndrome run their lives. They don’t feel like they’re legitimate enough, so when they try to “pitch” they completely fall flat on their face. The reason this happens is that their energy is all over the place because they’re not actually excited about their service, because the service is about themselves, and they don’t like themselves. 

I know, I know - that’s a little harsh. 

They don’t think that they’re good enough to even be coaching in the first place. They feel like they need to add all of these features into the coaching package to make themselves feel like it’s worth the money. The kicker is, doing this means you probably devalue the fucking SHIT out of your service. 

So let’s get back to our example, you charge $500 for all this amazing value. What happens when we do that?  Well, firstly, you’re going to get BURNT OUT. You’re going to attract people that aren’t going to value the investment because it’s so low. You’re definitely going to attract people that aren’t your IDEAL client. You then turn into the cycle of devaluing your time and energy, which means you’ll be exhausted and get burnt out. After a while of this exhaustion, you’ll get to a point where you’re going to get resentful and really start a spiral into hating what you do and questioning if coaching is even something you want or should be doing. At the end of it all you start questioning, maybe I should change my niche. 

HONEY. You don’t need to change your niche!

In my signature program, Unsure to Untamed, we talk all about building your signature coaching package, and we go through every single aspect of it and address every issue you may have with imposter syndrome while you’re working on your program. 

If you’re a life, confidence or mindset coach and you feel like this would be a good program for you, please apply, I feel like we could do really great things together! (I do take a limited amount of people since I work full time and I protect my time and energy.) 

When you’re working on your coaching package (see how I didn’t right packageS), remember, simplicity is KEY. Making things complicated creates all this unnecessary drama around your service, it makes it hard to deliver on everything promised. You’re always going to feel like you need to be working, since you can’t set boundaries when you aren’t being paid an appropriate amount for the service offered. This cycle also makes it that you have all these features in your package and you’re constantly thinking you need to overdeliver. 

My advice to you goes as follows - I think you should absolutely over-deliver. 

(Yes you read that right) 

I think you should do it within the container of the coaching package. You shouldn’t have to talk about all these amazing features. If you want surprises, homework, guest speakers, or bonus content pick one or two of these and make these core features something you can talk about when you pitch while talking about your offer. Your offer should be about the transformation potential, rather than the features. 

If you must talk about features, pick a couple inside the coaching container, you can offer whatever the fuck makes you feel good. If you don’t feel compelled to do it, then don’t. This way you didn’t make some sole contract promise in the beginning with the huge list of things you feel people needed to hear just because you don’t feel like you yourself are enough. 

This is what it comes down to, feeling like I’m not good enough - not good enough to coach someone one on one or coaching in a group coaching program. Which can also make you feel since all that isn’t good enough, then it will never been good enough for potential clients. 

That negative energy you’re putting out is going to come through in the way you’re pitching your program and potential clients are able to sense that! Of course that makes them not want to buy, because bitch, you don’t even believe in yourself! So why would someone else believe in you to help them solve their problems?! 

You could be the most legitimate and experienced coach in the world, but if you don’t have a good energy, or if you don’t believe you’re good enough to change someone’s life, it’s not gonna happen. 

I have a wealth and business coach, I love her to death. The magic doesn’t lie in the detailed step-by-step program that comes with a launching strategy. It lies in you legitimately getting behind your services. If you can’t get behind yourself as a person who was going to change someone’s life, then you’re strategy isn’t going to do SHIT. 

A changed mindset can be something as simple as, you have the same friends since high school, they work regular 9 to 5 jobs. Your family and partner work 9 to 5 jobs as well. You’re doing your own thing with your biz (where you don’t have to really keep the regular 9 to 5 cycle, you can make it what you want). Sometimes your inner circle has a hard time supporting you in your endeavors because they don’t quite understand it. Your working alone can affect your mindset, which can really end up getting in a negative space. That negative space can in turn cause issues with your sales since you won’t wholeheartedly believe in yourself to sell you and your program. 

If you find mindset isn’t really related to the way you’re talking about your business, you are VERY wrong. The confidence in owning your shit and really believing in what you do, is what’s going to translate to your potential client. Positive energy will attract people to your program and translate to them feeling how excited you are about your program! They’ll know that you’ll be 100% confident that you can help them with their transformation! 

That positive energy gives you a clear direction. If you second guess yourself all the time, then things get messy and you just get in the realm of not being sure about yourself. It makes it look like you have no fucking idea what you’re doing and you’re just reaching for what you think will get you clients. 

Once again, if you’re the type to add all these unnecessary features to your program, and half the time don’t even deliver them, or you don’t get the chance to. You’re constantly burnt out from working like a maniac and you still only charge 500 bucks a month… I’m here to tell you that issue has nothing to do with your features, strategy, your launching strategy or what-the-fuck-ever. It’s got everything to do with how you feel about yourself, and being good enough!

When you’re putting your services out there, think these thoughts: 

I am selling myself. I am good enough. I will get the transformation for my clients. I believe in myself to empower my clients!


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