When Nothing Works... Until It Does | Imposter Syndrome

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Today's topic is all about personal development. It can be pretty hard to stay on track of personal development, especially because you're going to be upleveling all the time. You're going to be doing new things and your brain is simultaneously trying to keep you safe. It sees every emotional risk as danger. It equates physical danger the same as it would emotional danger. That's why you would be just as terrified of going on a stage and speaking in front of people as you would before going skydiving. That's just because our brains are trying to keep us safe. It's trying to prevent us from any unnecessary feeling, negative emotion, because those negative emotions lead to negative consequences. When we feel bad, we naturally do things that aren't in our best interests. The way you uplevel is to do things that scare you or to do things that push you out of that comfort...

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