Escaping Corporate Despite the Fear | with Jaclyn DeJesus

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Hey, you guys! Welcome back to the pod with me, Jillian Parekh. I am your host for the From Imposter To Empowered Podcast. And today we actually have my very first guest interview that I ever did for the pod. Back in September of 2019, I decided to do some interviews, and I got really on my horse about, “yeah, I'm going to have people on the podcast.”


And then I went to a couple of events. I just had all this stuff going on. I was revamping my business. There were so many things going on that I actually didn't have the time to work on these interviews. But my beautiful podcast guests have been so patient with me. The very first one that I did was with Jaclyn DeJesus and she is a marketing maven who runs a creative project management company for branding, web design and digital marketing projects. She's passionate about social media and that is how we...

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