Over-consuming Info is a Symptom of Imposter Syndrome | Imposter Syndrome

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Today's episode is all about over consumption. Over consumption is a symptom of imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is the persistent internalized fear of being revealed as a fraud. One of the ways that you cope is by over consuming information about your niche, about the area in which you claim to be an expert, all out of fear.


For example, when I actually started talking about imposter syndrome in January, 2019 is when I declared that to be my niche. I felt like a fucking fraud talking about imposter syndrome. I thought "even though I've struggled with it myself, and even though I have all this education and certifications behind me, I still don't feel like I'm qualified enough to tell people about my own experiences". So naturally, I read all of the books possible on imposter syndrome. I looked up all the studies, I read all the research and I would just be...

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