The One Thought You Need to Feel Like an Expert


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Here’s one thought you need to have, that will honestly make you thousands of dollars as a coach - and in any industry:


 “Nobody can do it like me.”


And the reason why you may not be making thousands of dollars is because you don’t believe this thought. Believing that nobody can do it like you would mean that you’d have to hold what you know in high regard. To believe that you’re an expert, and worthy of being respected and recognized as one.


Here’s the easiest way you can begin to bridge the gap between not thinking this and believing with your whole heart - there is truly nobody in this world with your energetic blueprint.


With your fingerprint, even. You have your own sacred, unique identity in this world. Nobody else has had the exact same experiences, plus your education, plus your history, plus your certifications, plus your story of how you got into business… and the combination of all of those things is what makes you special and unique.


For example, I’m Master Certified in NLP, Hypnosis, EFT Tapping, Life and Success coaching…etc. There are tons of coaches who are master certified too. But I also have a BA in psychology, and a Master’s in conflict analysis and management. I have a family law and mediation certification, I bet you didn’t know that.


Even if I’m not using every part of these educational things in my career now, I am using bits and pieces of them that make up who I am. Yes, I have NLP and EFT like a lot of other coaches, but I use them in different ways, to apply to imposter syndrome and worthiness and belief work, that other coaches don’t. My tools are just tools - but I decide how I use them. 


We can apply this to experiences too. No one like me has ever had the career journey I’ve had, or the journey with my stutter like I’ve had. Even someone who stutters like me has had a different journey than me. Instead of making myself bad or wrong for the way I’ve lived my life and the things I’ve experienced, I see them as strengths, especially as a coach. Because here’s the thing… If someone is going to take your coaching and apply it to their lives, there needs to be a level of respect. Let me be clear, everyone is always equal no matter job status, financial status, or how far you are in your business; but you listen to someone because you believe they can open your brain up to a different perspective or possibility - which we all have the capability to do, with anyone. That’s the first part of this - believing that everything that makes up you and your journey is reason enough for you to share your wisdom about what you know.


And then this means that you need to work on feeling worthy of your words, messages, and teachings being respected. Clients are looking for their own wisdom to be activated through the permission you give them, either through how you’re being online and through your own actions or through how you’re choosing to coaching them.


For example, I was coaching a client who was very angry about Roe vs. Wade being overturned in the states, which is disgusting and incorrigible and I cannot believe it’s even happening - and she had some shame around being an “angry feminist”, even though her anger is more than justified. Even though she rationally knows she can accept her emotions and not shame herself for them, there was still a part of her unconsciously seeking permission to feel the rage that she was feeling without shame. So we decided on creating a rage ritual to allow her body to fully feel the anger instead of telling herself it was wrong. Had I been uncomfortable with holding space for my clients and all of their emotions, I’d try to get her out of feeling angry. But I know that my clients respect me and what I say, and that they’re looking for permission more than they’re looking for advice - because our clients are empowered, amazing, smart human beings, and we should think and treat them as such.


Think about the panic you feel when someone brings you a problem that you can’t immediately solve for them. You get uncomfortable, and your own insecurities with your own situation come up, and you feel bad that you can’t “save” your client from their circumstances. Or, if you don’t have clients yet, you think that because you’re not as experienced in this one area, such as business, you think “who would respect what I have to say?” 


Instead of focusing on what you don’t know, focus on what you do know. Really spend time and journaling on the things you ARE an expert in. Parts of your story, your education, your experience - because what you focus on expands.


This is why overcoming imposter syndrome and working on feeling like an expert is so important - because when you feel like someone will listen to you and integrate your teachings, you show up differently and you really believe the things you do and say have value.

I was coaching a client on believing that her work has value - sharing a journal prompt is valuable, sharing a quote is valuable. It’s not about what the thing is, because we all see through the lens of our own experience - something simple to me could be a breakthrough for someone else. What matters is that you believe what you’re doing and saying, is helping people, and you do that from the belief that nobody can do it like you. How could they? There is only one you.


And I’ll give you a quick and dirty tip if you’re a general coach of anything, like a business coach, and you want to believe you’re different - pick something to specialize in. Yes, I’m a business coach, but my speciality is in imposter syndrome. Choose to be identifiable by something, even though at the core of it, my coaching helps you sign clients and make more money - but i am different in that I know about, teach about, and focus on how imposter syndrome plays a part in that, even though I do talk about marketing and sales and all the strategy necessary to do the thing. Pick a specialty, and then a specific result, and bam - you stop becoming a commodity and become in demand for your special skills and how YOU do things. You become irreplaceable.


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