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Are struggling with your mindset and struggling with feeling like you're not worthy of your prices? Feeling like you're always running on a hamster wheel? As if you're not really sure how to set goals properly because you're so afraid of the outcomes? Do you get inundated with rejection and failure, and end up feeling really shitty when that happens? If you checked yes to all of these, then you need my Mastermind in your life.


When it comes to your business, you take everything personal. You self-sabotage like no other, you procrastinate or maybe you're a perfectionist. You're constantly working on things to put them out there, and then you feel really shitty when you do put them out there and nobody buys or nobody seems interested. This stops you from showing and being consistent. Honestly, I have been there and so have my clients. There is so much information regarding strategy and that's all nice and dandy, but what about mindset?


The number one thing I hear from people that come to me is that they're scared and that they don't know how to work through their mindset issues - and they have enough strategy already. But the issue is you can’t put strategy into action if you’re not in the right mindset. If you are not nurturing your entrepreneurial mindset, if you're not taking care of yourself, if you're not moving past the things that are stopping you and actually paying attention to what is hindering your success, then you won't be able to up level.


I constantly hear from leaders in the industry about what helped them scale, what helped them build their business the proper way and the breakthroughs that they had. It all came down to mindset, not strategy. So with that being said the 'Mini Mindset Mastermind' is a group of online coaches who are going through the same stuff as you. Ego was checked at the door, and you are immediately feeling the support of women who are in your shoes, and who want to talk about the hard things in business. It’s for people who want to work through their mindset issues so they can build confidence and finally charge their worth and show up consistently.


A favorite quote of mine is ‘your work is worthy of massive compensation, and you are worthy of it’. The thing is, when we have our business, it can be really hard to sell, or it can be really hard to be consistent because we are the face of our business and we're basically selling ourselves. if you're not very confident, if you don't really believe in yourself, it's going to be next to impossible to sell yourself to other people.


A frequently asked question I get is very surface level because people never come to me with deep issues. They always come to me with surface level shit. They want a step by step on how to position themselves and how to price their packages. But the thing is, it's not that you don't know how to charge what you're worth. It's that you don't believe that you are worthy of what you charge (mic drop). When you raise your prices and you start to feel as if you're afraid, it's not because of the price. It's because you don't feel worthy of that price. This is where the mindset piece comes in.


So usually when I start with clients, I raise their starting price by a little bit because we're trying to get them out of their comfort zones. I'm not going to tell you to raise your prices by $1000 right off the bat unless your offer is really fucking valuable, and then I’ll let you know we need to increase significantly. You could have all the value in the world and still charge really low because you don't feel worthy of the price.


Before, when I used to go on IG live or stories talking about my offer I never felt aligned with the price. If I set it too high, I wouldn't be confident in talking about that price. It was obvious in my physiology and the way that I would act, I actually would like stutter more because I was nervous and anxious. So I started to really pay attention to how I was reacting to it and realize that I'm not in alignment with these prices. What I've done is find what feels good for me and aligning myself with the right clients.


There was a woman who was in my neural linguistic programming training, and she had a monthly membership which was very low priced. She would talk about how sometimes people wouldn't show up to calls and all this other stuff and it's because they're not invested. So they need to have a little bit of skin in the game and I'm sure you've heard that before. It means to really have an investment in their commitment. After all, money is an exchange of energy. That's all it is, you are exchanging their energy with your energy.


I understand in the beginning if you want to take on some free clients or take on some clients at a lower rate to get your experience, that’s a different story. But once you start the ball rolling and you start getting clients and you realize that they're not going to be as invested unless you really charge what is appropriate, then you'll see the difference.


I promise you, you really will see the difference, especially in terms of a long term game. If you undervalue your offer, people committed won’t be fully invested,  and then it’s not worth her energy or yours.


So you’re afraid that you're not worth what you charge, and that work is in the inner work that you do. It's not another strategy. It's not another step by step that is really helping you build your confidence. Worthiness is at the base of imposter syndrome and I’ve said this many times, but worthiness IS that confidence.


It comes and goes, and you could have a review from a client and you could feel so on top of the world, knowing that you're worthy of your prices. Then the next day you might have a bad Instagram comment, or somebody might be unhappy with the way that you were delivering a service. Here’s where the rejection kicks in and you lose sight of your overall worthiness as a human being. If this is you, go listen to episode 21 ‘How You Can Beat Being rejected’ which has my amazing rejection template that's got an LP mixed in there.


This is a process and it took me a long time to sit on my pricing and really figure out what feels good to me. But I learnt that when I would get nervous or anxious explaining my pricing structure, I knew that it wasn't aligned with who I was speaking to. This isn’t something you learn without the inner work and uncovering those subconscious blocks.


Energy is energy... and it is going to get translated to those clients and you're going to call in people that you would rather not call in. You want your ideal clients and your ideal clients will pay for you. It’s just a matter of time, persistence and being consistent with your messaging and who you are and your purpose. Really just focusing on that inner work that we all know that we need to do as entrepreneurs.


I was just certified in neural linguistic programming and hypnotherapy, emotional freedom techniques and time techniques and I've already had three breakthrough sessions with clients. If you're interested in one of those, let me know it's basically taking an issue like the limiting belief or a block or whatever is stopping you from achieving what you want to achieve. They are 90 minute sessions and the techniques will blow your mind. I will put the length for the mini mindset mastermind in the show notes, as well as the breakthrough sessions for you to book yours because these are fucking life changing!



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