Why Charging Your Worth is Hard | Imposter Syndrome

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Are struggling with your mindset and struggling with feeling like you're not worthy of your prices? Feeling like you're always running on a hamster wheel? As if you're not really sure how to set goals properly because you're so afraid of the outcomes? Do you get inundated with rejection and failure, and end up feeling really shitty when that happens? If you checked yes to all of these, then you need my Mastermind in your life.


When it comes to your business, you take everything personal. You self-sabotage like no other, you procrastinate or maybe you're a perfectionist. You're constantly working on things to put them out there, and then you feel really shitty when you do put them out there and nobody buys or nobody seems interested. This stops you from showing and being consistent. Honestly, I have been there and so have my clients....

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