4 Ways to Combat Comparisonitis | Imposter Syndrome

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I was really thinking about one thing I repeatedly see in my DMS. One thing I consistently see with regard to people who are struggling and one thing I am constantly asked to discuss in my guest podcasts is the topic of comparisonitis. If you're often at war with your inner imposter, chances are you experience extreme comparisonitis as well. Maybe seeing the progress and wins of other people in the online space only makes you more anxious and it only shines a light into how incompetent, unorganized and overwhelmed you feel. But you really want to cheer on your biz bestie. You really want to cheer on these women and really feel good about what you're doing!


One thing I want to say is comparisonitis will come in waves. So there are times where I'll just have a day where I feel like I'm doing the wrong thing, even though there's totally quotations on that, because...

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