Feeling Drained While Working Closely With Clients?

I was thinking about energy and how important it is for us to be energetic and feel good because it helps us maintain our businesses, helps us move forward and helps us with our motivation when it comes to our business.

The main reason I created the Energy Management Bundle is because I found that as I started working with more and more one-on-one clients...I was on calls so much and those were really draining me.

I was really taking on the energy of other people and I didn't know a ton about energy management or protecting and preserving my energy when I first started out.

Then when I started to go on more of a spiritual journey, I started realizing,

"Oh, there's things that you can do to maintain and preserve your energy."

And that's where The Perfect Launch Vault came from.

Then the Energy Management Bundle was born because I was working with so many clients and I was realizing how drained I was and how that was affecting my emotional energy. Because the thing is, when you're drained physically, it is going to translate into your emotional energy.

That means that you are going to be so tired emotionally, that you're going to start having thoughts of is this even working? Should I even do this? Am I good enough? 

I realized how impactful one-to-one clients can be on our self-esteem and on our worthiness ultimately as a coach. Or even if you're a Virtual Assistant or a Pinterest manager, whenever you're working with somebody one-on-one, this is a very different energy than when you are doing a group program or when you are doing a passive offer.

When it comes to you building out your product suite, you're going to have lower offers.

And usually the more high touch offers are one-to-one or a mastermind. And those people get the most of you.

Like they get everything of you.

They get your best strategies. They get your best tools. They get your time and they get you. They get the best of you!

This can foster a lot of imposter syndrome because if that person is not getting the results that they desire or that you desire for them...or if you feel inadequate and you don't feel good enough...it is going to be really hard for you to continue with your business. You're going to be constantly questioning yourself.

And this is why it's really important for you to be really boundary conscious when you are working with one-to-one clients.

That also means not taking on every single person that comes into your DMs!

The reality is, is we always are just throwing spaghetti at the wall...doing our best and trying our best.

We still can have times where we don't feel good enough and don't feel worthy enough.

I know that when I started out with all of my one-on-one clients, I really had to fight with myself mentally.

It was exhausting and draining for my energy because I was working with people so closely.

The mindset work is difficult.

It takes some time and it's not for everybody.

There have been times where I've worked with people closely and they haven't gotten the results because they haven't put the work in, the investment was too low for them to be involved, etc.

Then I made it mean that I wasn't good enough and that my program wasn't good enough or that I wasn't a good coach. WRONG! 

You're meant to be a coach!

You just have to work on maintaining and preserving your energy.

That means really healthy boundaries. Getting yourself into an abundant and confident state before your calls, grounding yourself, protecting your energy and debriefing with yourself after calls.

Really knowing that sometimes we create stories around somebody else's results and we always make it mean something about us.

The reality is the stuff that goes on in their head and their life is a direct result of them and not you.

If you are doing the work, showing up for them, getting feedback from them and doing your best, it's just a feeling.

Stop trying to avoid a feeling.

We all have a wide range of emotion as humans, and there's going to be ebs and flows.

There's going to be ups and downs, but just know that you are never led to something that is not supposed to be yours!


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