Feeling Drained While Working Closely With Clients?

I was thinking about energy and how important it is for us to be energetic and feel good because it helps us maintain our businesses, helps us move forward and helps us with our motivation when it comes to our business.

The main reason I created the Energy Management Bundle is because I found that as I started working with more and more one-on-one clients...I was on calls so much and those were really draining me.

I was really taking on the energy of other people and I didn't know a ton about energy management or protecting and preserving my energy when I first started out.

Then when I started to go on more of a spiritual journey, I started realizing,

"Oh, there's things that you can do to maintain and preserve your energy."

And that's where The Perfect Launch Vault came from.

Then the Energy Management Bundle was born because I was working with so many clients and I was realizing how drained I was and how that was affecting my emotional energy. Because the thing is, when you're...

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Staying Motivated When Your Inner Imposter Shows Up

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One of the ways Imposter Syndrome sabotages your business is by negatively affecting your motivation. You may feel this way because you’re insecure about your business, you sense that nobody wants your services, and you feel like no matter how much effort you put in, you’re not getting anything in return. 

You push on thinking that your hard work is the only thing that determines your worth. If you happen to take a few days off it can create a feeling of being out of sorts because you start feeling insecure about yourself and you can’t pinpoint which direction you want to take your business in. That, in turn, can make you lose all motivation towards that particular project or trying to create new ideas. It can take the wind right out of your sail!

For example, let’s say you’re trying to come up with new content ideas for your Instagram, the...

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