Three Ways Journaling Improves Your Life

If you would have asked me a year ago to crack open a notebook and start writing, I’d tell you that my hand gets sore after two minutes and that my writing is so bad, I can’t even read it sometimes (I did not get the girly writing gene). Journaling was something I did as a kid, and I distinctly remember keeping one on the first computer I ever had – I would talk about my day at school and how I was feeling, and at the end I would put an emotion as to how I feel that day was overall. Snaps for school-aged Jillian.

But as I became older and the digital age became more and more prominent, I wrote down my feelings less and less. We became consumed with things like social media, television, and other distractions that kept us occupied. This meant less time to think and ponder our thoughts. When I became a coach, I would see so many of my mentors in the entrepreneurial community talk about how beneficial journaling was; but still, I never jumped on the bandwagon.


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